Like many Miamians, I believe in limited, less intrusive government; in restrained and accountable spending; in a simpler tax system; in strategic investments that will create jobs in this challenging economy; in the elimination of barriers to success and the pursuit of happiness.

But at this point in my campaign, my most pressing responsibility is to listen. To listen to the wishes, concerns, and interests of the residents, homeowners, business owners, employees, children, and seniors of District 4. To listen to all those that make up the neighborhoods of Coral Gate, Silver Bluff, Shenandoah, Golden Pines, and Flagami. Your concerns will not be identical, but they all are important.

As I walk your neighborhoods and businesses, please take a moment to share your thoughts for how you and I can work together to make our community, our district, a better place going forward. Your thoughts will help shape my vision for District 4.




For more information on the issues contact Ralph directly at (786-720-6002)

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