2016 is in the books!

Dear Friends, I hope the Christmas season finds you in good spirits. 2016 has been a wonderful year in many ways, and I wanted to take a moment to share some highlights with you. On a personal level, Mari and I are grateful for the many blessings from our Lord -...

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30 Days of Transit in Miami Challenge

Traffic congestion is Greater Miami's #1 complaint. Everyone in office - or running for office - should know what it's like to get around town on foot, bike and transit. I don't want to just talk the talk. I'm going to walk the walk. And I want to take you with me....

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Your View: Fix our Park

LATEST UPDATE: MARCH 23, 2016 BY THE NEW TROPIC Like many native Miamians, I grew up playing in the city’s parks.  Dodgeball, monkey bars, baseball, frisbee – you name it, I played it.  One of my favorite parks was Douglas Park on 37th Avenue, about halfway between...

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